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I'm a master engineer landscape architect, had my first job as QA specialist, but soon started to make illustrations and designs for a living, freelancing mostly at TopCoder Studio. I’ve always been interested in puzzles and enjoyed drawing with ink, so I combined those two passions in an indie game „Karambola” about emotional fruit-people attacked by dark thoughts. The game has watercolor backgrounds and tackles the difficult problems of loneliness and depression in a surreal, but heartwarming way. It was nominated for A MAZE Awards in Berlin in 2017, shown at international festivals and covered by PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, The Guardian, among others. With its release, I started the Holy Pangolin Studio and began developing the Earth-conscious game „Rumina” about animals in a troubled forest.

In 2017 Holy Pangolin Studio was joined by Sebastian Krzyszkowiak. In 2019 we released „Animatch” (classical match-3 game) for a Librem 5 phone by Purism, and then - „Odgłos” - educational game about Polish Radio Experimental Studio, ordered by Adam Mickiewicz Institute after we won Geek Game Jam in 2018. We’ve also created many small games at game jams, in which, apart from the designing, I also wrote and recorded songs, made stop-frame animations from photographs, and filmed movies.

I like many kinds of creative activities and I’m ready to explore new path on my journey and expand to different medias. For me the most important thing in my work is to be true to myself, always work on themes I believe in, and bring more fun, hope, healing and beauty into the world.

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