Agata Nawrot Comics / Portfolio

Tigers' Temple (Świątynia Tygrysów)

page 1,4/4, made for MFK 2014, script: Ł. Muniowski tigers' temple tigers' temple

Cracow's spleen (Krakowska Śledziona)

Interpretation of a poem, for a competition. Pages 1,3/3 Cracow's spleen Cracow's spleen

Explosive Christmas (Bombowe Święta)

Published in "Kocie Sprawy" paper, Dec 2013 issue Bombowe Święta


Page 1/8. Published at 1410


Project of a graphic novel presented at Ligatura Festival, sample pages

Microbe Hunters

comic strips about cats and physics, some published in Kocie Sprawy; see more

Chateau d'Arrakis

Page 1/2, published in Kolektyw #9

Dead places

Page 1/4 and 2/4


Page 1/2, script by M. Ciechoński

I told you not to go to sleep hungry

Page 1/2, published in Biceps #2